Marcophily – occasionally called Marcophilately – is the specialised study and collection of postmarks, cancellations and postal markings applied by hand or machine on mail that passes through a postal system… and technically applies to detached stamps.

The term ‘precursors’ applies to items of postal history dating before the introduction of postage stamps – in other words, before the 6th May 1840, which was the date of introduction of the world’s first postage stamp, the Great Britain “Penny Black” – and is covered by the equally general terms ‘postal history’ or ‘pre-philately’.

From Wikiwand… Postal history is the study of postal systems and how they operate and, or, the study of the use of postage stamps and covers and associated postal artefacts illustrating historical episodes in the development of postal systems. The term is attributed to Robson Lowe, a professional philatelist, stamp dealer and stamp auctioneer, who made the first organised study of the subject in the 1930’s and described philatelists as “students of science”, but postal historians as “students of humanity”. More precisely, philatelists describe postal history as the study of rates, routes, markings, and means of transport.

Indonesia (Netherland Indies at Colonial era) has develop postal service since 1746. Now days at least 4.601 Post Office (updated on November 2014) are exist. Indonesia Post Marking are trying to show Indonesia post cancellation from our independence day at August 17th 1945 to present.

| Lukman Hqeem


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